Rally Day 3 and Storm Door Mod

Current Location: Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Today we took it easy and did some visiting with other fellow rallyers. We walked through a couple units to see what others had done for modifications to their trailers. We also talked again with Nathan and Byrd Mathis about converting the screen door to a storm door via Plexiglas or Lexan panes covering the screens in the door.

Jim Beletti showed us how he had his done and we had previously seen a couple other doors covered. Malcolm took the best of the various ideas along with his ideas and measurements and trekked up to Lowes after lunch. He had Lowes cut two pieces to size, leaving only the two radius corners at the top of the door to take care of at home. A plastic cutter was also purchased for the radius cuts.

The bottom piece slides into the channels on the sides and is attached with four (probably could have gotten by with two) Command Strips, so it can be popped out if desired. Might not be the most attractive mounting method, but it works (and is non-destructive).

Bottom pane installed with Command Strips.

Bottom pane installed with Command Strips.

Malcolm took one of our salad plates and found that it was approximately the correct radius for cutting the top corners, scored the plastic and snapped it off without cracking anything. (Yay!)

Top piece with radius cuts (still has protective plastic on it).

Top piece with radius cuts (still has protective plastic on it).

With some test-fitting, he drilled a couple holes in the cross-piece on the door for screws. Sliding the panel into the side and top channels, he installed the screws at the bottom to hold the piece in place. Works pretty slick.

Screw detail.

Screw detail.

Here is the finished door.

FInished door.

FInished door.

Now we can leave the big door open without letting heat or air conditioning out through the screens.

Today was the third day of our Heartland Owners Club regional rally. The club purchased bar-b-que pork, chicken and beef. Everyone else pitched in sides (potato salad, slaw, etc.) Door prizes were also handed out. We got a nice picnic table cloth and clamps to hold it onto the table and a couple of small flashlights. Others got similar items.

All in all, it was a fun rally. Just getting to meet a lot of club members, get modification ideas, walk through other trailers and generally have fun was a treat. Other than the evening social events, there wasn’t really a fixed schedule to keep you too busy. It was nice being able to go sight-seeing or shopping on your own, or with several other people if so desired.

Our next rally is the North American Heartland Owners rally in Goshen, Indiana. We are doing some regional rallies later this year (late summer and fall).

Many of the rally goers here are pulling out tomorrow. We’re staying another day since the weekly rate was the same price as six days, so tomorrow is essentially free. Also, we’re stopping by the tire store on the way out to have our trailer tires replaced on Monday.


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