Throwed Rolls and a Water Leak

Current Location: Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Today, many of the rally goers were packing up and heading on to their next destination (whether that be home or another adventure). We walked around and said our goodbyes to those that were leaving, then headed back to the trailer for lunch. While talking to those that were staying through today, we came up with the idea to eat dinner at Lambert’s restaurant.

Val discovered a new water leak under our kitchen slide-out. It was a very slow drip. It took us a bit to find out the source, but Malcolm finally saw a really fine stream of water shooting up out of the hose that feeds water to the icemaker. It appears that when the slide goes in, the hinged portion of the raceway for the wires and hoses kinks the hose so that it has popped a tiny hole in the hose. Not sure yet on a fix. For now, we turned off the water at the cutoff. The ice tray is full, anyway.

Kinked water hose. You can see a small drop of water on the top.

Kinked water hose. You can see a small drop of water on the top.

After lunch, we gave some tours of our trailer to show folks our various modifications. The rest of the afternoon, we just took it easy. At 4:00, we loaded up trucks and headed up to Lambert’s for dinner. We had a table of 10. The food, as usual, was great.

On the way back to the campground, we filled up the truck with diesel. Once back, we took a short bike ride to say a few more goodbyes and to work off some of our meal. The rest of the evening was spent doing our pre-trip packing. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be able to head out pretty quickly. We have a 10:00 appointment for the new tires, so we hope to roll out by about 9:15.


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