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Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Malcolm, other than being busy working, found time yesterday to install some truck mods. First up is the license plate backup camera and interface to the new stereo. This camera is hard-wired (we used to have a cheap wireless one that was junk) and has infrared illumination for night-time backing up. The picture is super and shows up automatically on the stereo screen when you put the truck into reverse. The kids were going to buy the backup camera for their Dad for Fathers’ Day, so it’s an early gift.

License plate frame camera.

License plate frame camera.

Image on screen.

Image on screen.

The other modification was a set of Rock Tamers mud flaps. You assemble these and the center section clamps onto the bumper hitch receiver insert. Malcolm assembled it on our hitch ball instead of the hitch step since it was sturdier. When we hitch up next, we’ll have to see if Malcolm cut the flaps short enough to keep from dragging the ground. If not, it’s fairly simple to trim them down.

Rock Savers flap kit.

Rock Tamers flap kit.

Assembled and mounted.

Assembled and mounted.

We’re hoping these will help cut down on damage to the front of our trailer. It is already plastered with road tar and there are a couple holes in the molding trim around the edge of the front. When not pulling, we take the hitch and flap assembly out and lay it in the bed of the truck.

For those with single rear wheel trucks, the position of the flaps on the bars can be changed so they don’t stick out so far.


2 thoughts on “More Truck Stuff

  1. Nice rock tamers!

    In Texas, it’s a state law that dual rear wheels must have mud flaps. We found out when we got pulled over, luckily he gave us a warning. 8P

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