Friday’s Here

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

The last two days have primarily been work for Malcolm and sewing and other activities around the trailer for Val.

We’re putting together the details for our next trip. The primary concern was finding places to park over the Memorial Day weekend. Malcolm got confirmed reservations into the weekend in Virginia Beach, VA, leaving Saturday. Some old friends of ours who live in the northern part of Virginia invited us to camp at their farm the rest of the weekend, so we’ll stay there from Saturday until Monday.

The general trip is from here to Greenville, SC (primarily to get a SC sticker on our state map), then to Boone, NC (Val’s family), then to Durham, NC (Malcolm’s cousin), Virginia Beach, VA (Malcolm’s family), north Virginia (friends), Ashland, KY (Malcolm’s family and hometown area), Lexington, KY (Val’s family), London, KY (Malcolm’s brother and family, to see our niece in her dance recital), Chattanooga, TN (maybe, we still have tickets for Rock City), then home.

Our home campground (Fort Toulouse) is fairly full this weekend. There are three spots with motorhomes or trailers on them, and about a dozen tents in the inside grassy area. It is a father/son campout. The sons are supposed to do some volunteer activities for the park tomorrow. We’re also expecting a rainy day tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.


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