Shopping, Grilling, Repairing

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This morning we headed into town and met our son and his roommate (for the summer) at Costco to let them do some grocery shopping. Val had an appointment with the optometrist there to look at her swollen eye (a sty) and get a prescription for antibiotics for it. After that, we went to Academy Sporting Goods for Malcolm to pick up some foam rubber practice golf balls and a golf towel.

From there, off to McDonalds for a quick and inexpensive lunch, then to Home Depot. Malcolm picked up some nylon swivel thingies that hold in screens to use on our top plexiglas window in our trailer screen door. We made one more stop for Malcolm to get his hair cut and Val to look around a couple stores for some LED tea light candles (no luck).

On the way back to the trailer, we stopped at NAPA for Malcolm to pick up an air filter for the truck (we have a custom intake setup that uses a filter that NAPA stocks). There were none in stock locally, so they ordered one in from another store. Malcolm will pick it up Monday. From there, back to the trailer.

Once back, Malcolm dumped the black waste tank and installed the nylon swivel thingies on the screen door (sorry, no pictures). After that, he grabbed some clear hose and inline connectors he had purchased some time back to fix the leaky icemaker water line under the kitchen slide. Here are some pictures of the project.

The tubing - 1/4" OD clear.

The tubing – 1/4″ OD clear.

The connectors.

The connectors.

Repair on trailer side.

Repair on trailer side.

Repair on slide side.

Repair on slide side.

Split hose that was removed from slide.

Split hose that was removed from slide.

Once Malcolm got done and was putting away the extra hose, he noticed that it was stamped with the statement “Not for use on icemakers”. A subsequent Google search couldn’t find a reason why not, so for now the repair stands as-is. Malcolm turned on the water and let the icemaker do its thing for a couple cycles before turning it back off (the water here at the park is less than clear). Everything seemed to be fine. We’ll keep an eye on it.

Malcolm grilled steaks and potato and onion packets on the grill for dinner. He also practiced his golf swing in the open area of the campground since all the tent campers are gone. The new clubs and balls are much more effective when practicing. After dinner and golf practice, we drove over to DQ to cap off the day with an ice cream treat.


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