Made it to the Coast

Current Location: Holiday Trav-L-Park, Virginia Beach, Virginia

We packed up and left Durham this morning, traveling up I-85 and across US 58 through Virginia. US 58 wasn’t too bad of a drive. Mostly 55-60 MPH four lane road through gently rolling country side. Definitely worth it to save some miles from the interstate routes to the area.

Our GPS decided to take us through the middle of town, so to speak, through the tunnel on I-264. Before entering the tunnel, we had to stop at an inspection area and turn off the valves on our LP tanks (we run our refrigerator on LP while we travel). Traffic, fortunately, was light and we made it out of town towards Virginia Beach without much problem.

The only other “glitch” in following our GPS is that it wanted to take us into the campground “the back way”. It had us turning left onto a road that was marked “Dead End” and “Private Drive”. We bypassed that and kept driving a few blocks and found the road that the campground it located on and found it manually.

Our site at Holiday Trav-L-Park.

Our site at Holiday Trav-L-Park.

We got set up on our site and ate a late lunch in the trailer. Malcolm called his aunt to see what they were up to. We’re going to visit family tomorrow afternoon. Malcolm had a sinus headache off and on all day and decided to lay down with a heat pack after lunch.

We got moving around 5:00 and headed to downtown Virginia Beach to stroll along the beach. The campground has a parking lot just two blocks from the beach that campers can use free of charge to visit downtown. The campground itself is a couple miles away, so that makes it nice and easy for those wanting to visit downtown.

Parking lot for campers.

Parking lot for campers.

We strolled down the boardwalk for a while, taking a short detour down the beach to the water (which was ice cold). We ended up at the pier and decided to eat at Ocean Eddie’s seafood restaurant.

Ocean Eddie's

Ocean Eddie’s

We grabbed an inside booth next to the windows since the wind was gusting really high (didn’t want sand in our food). The food and the views were great.

Looking out the window.

Looking out the window.

We strolled up the main drag for a while, looking through a couple of the touristy shops for a decent t-shirt. We’re collecting t-shirts from each major location we visit. Val is going to have them made into a quilt at some point. So most trips involve a shopping stop for an appropriate t-shirt to use. We didn’t find anything yet, but we’ve got a couple days to look.

After walking, we stopped by the DQ and grabbed some dessert. We traveled here almost exactly 10 years ago with our two children and stopped back then at this DQ for ice cream.

DQ on the beach.

DQ on the beach.

After ice cream, we walked back to the truck and drove back to the campground. We checked out the campground store and a few of the other amenities, including the massive laundry room. We need to do laundry and figure we might as well do that tomorrow morning.


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