Off to a Dance Recital

Current Location: Levi Jackson State Park, London, Kentucky

We were lazy this morning, getting out of bed around 9:00 AM. We took our time hitching up at the Horse Park and stopped by the dump station to clear the tanks. Since today’s drive was only 89 miles, we wanted to arrive closer to lunch time for check-out and check-in time coordination. Also, Malcolm had looked at the site we had reserved in London, Kentucky and noticed that it looked rather questionable for our trailer. We were hoping to snag a better walk-in site instead.

Shortly after we got on the interstate, we realized what we had forgotten to do yesterday – fill up the truck with fuel. We were just above 1/4 tank. While that would have made it today, it would have pushed it. We stopped at a Love’s truck stop and topped off the tank and were back on the road.

When we pulled into Levi Jackson and stopped to register, the lady at the desk saw our trailer and said that the site we reserved would really not be the best one. She had a recent cancellation on a pull-through site that would cost a little more. We gladly paid the difference and ended up in an infinitely better pull-through site.

Once we were set up, we went into town and had lunch at Fazoli’s then did a little grocery and gift card shopping at Kroger’s. We also went to the shoe store to find Malcolm a better pair of sandals. While there, he also found a nice pair of running shoes (really, one of these days we’re going to start exercising) that were half off and they were running a half off clearance price sale, as well. His $80 pair of running shoes ended up being $20.

The main reason we’re in London was to attend our niece’s dance recital. We called Malcolm’s brother and coordinated schedules with him. We picked him up and headed down to Williamsburg for the recital. It was fun watching all the dances. Our niece did an excellent job in all her performances. Afterwards, we all headed back to London and stopped at a frozen yogurt place for a treat.


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