New Tires (Again)

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This morning, we dropped the truck off at our favorite shop to get the oil changed and a fuel filter installed. While Malcolm was dropping off the keys, he asked if the shop could get a couple of the Goodyear G614 tires that we are using on the trailer. They said they could have them in within a couple hours. Since the tire with the nail in it was still in the back of the truck, Malcolm asked if they’d mount one tire on that rim and balance it. Tomorrow, we’ll drop the spare off with them to put a Goodyear tire on it, as well.

Val dropped Malcolm off at work and headed to town for an appointment. After lunch, the shop called to indicate the truck was ready and the new tire was mounted on the trailer rim and balanced. Also this morning, Malcolm called Heartland part sales and ordered another aluminum rim to use for the fifth/spare wheel so that the tires can be rotated through positions, as needed, and also so we can feel better about running high pressure in the tires. We’ll pick up the rim when we are up in Indiana for the rally in a couple weeks and drop by a tire store to have the Goodyear tire transferred to the new rim from the current steel spare rim.

After dinner, we pulled in the slides and Malcolm jacked up the axle to pull the spare off and put the new tire back on. The spare went in the trunk of Val’s car so she can drop it off tomorrow to get the Goodyear tire put on it since she also needs something checked on her car.

New tire.

New tire.

Off with the old.

Off with the old.

On with the new.

On with the new.

This evening we picked up some supplies from Lowes for a couple kitchen cabinet organization projects. Also, Malcolm picked out a heavier duty air compressor that should handle the higher pressure Goodyear tires much easier. We’ll take the smaller compressor out and leave it at the house. More on the kitchen projects as they progress.


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