Countdown to the Big Trip

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Malcolm remembered to bring his laptop home from work today, so he’s back to posting blog entries the normal way (with a normal keyboard).

This morning, Malcolm stopped by Gray’s Tire and Auto to ask about putting metal valve stems in the trailer tires to avoid damage to the current high pressure rubber valve stems from the TPMS sensors. They agreed that replacing with metal stems would be a good idea and agreed to do the work.

The final decision was how to best accomplish the switchover. Malcolm offered to bring in a tire or two at a time from the trailer, or to bring the unit by early Saturday morning on the way out of town. After explaining that we’ll be pulling out early Saturday and heading far north, they said to bring the trailer by at 7:00 AM Saturday (1/2 hour before they officially open) and they’d start to work on it right away to beat the morning rush of customers. Good deal.

Val caught up on laundry today and did some more final prep on the trailer for the trip. At work, Malcolm took advantage of the fact that the company president was in town for a couple of days, as well as Malcolm’s boss (who is based out of the Texas office). They clarified some policies on working in different offices (such as expense reimbursements, etc.) versus working on a job site.

Also, Malcolm indicated that at times he would be available for extra work on the road to earn additional income, if possible. With the current arrangement of coming back home to work every couple of weeks, we’ve found that we are often way over budget on fuel each month due to the extra travel required to do so. Malcolm’s boss agreed that would be a good idea, so she is working on rounding up some documentation that he can do in the evenings at his leisure. Malcolm did set the expectation that this shouldn’t be time critical work, to keep from ending up working full-time on the road. We do still want to enjoy our travels.


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