Arrived at the Rally

Current Location: Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, Indiana

We packed up this morning and left the White River Campground and headed over to I-69 and headed up towards Ft. Wayne, then across US 33 to Goshen, Indiana, where the Heartland Owners Club National Rally is happening this week. We’ll be here through Sunday.

On the way into town, we stopped at a WalMart for a last minute potty break, knowing that we would probably be busy with stuff once we pulled into the fairgrounds. Since we are in the middle of Amish country, we found it interesting that the WalMart provided parking for the Amish horses and buggies right in the parking lot.

Amish buggy parking at WalMart.

Amish buggy parking at WalMart.

We rolled into the fairgrounds right behind two other units. The check-in process was very smooth and we were rolling on in within a few minutes. We decided to go ahead and take advantage of the RV weighing service and had the truck and trailer weighed. They weigh each wheel individually and will provide us the results later on.

Rally sticker.

Rally sticker.

We then pulled up to the free trailer alignment check and found that our axles are in pretty good alignment – at least not enough to worry about doing anything about. While they checked the trailer alignment, which required us to unhitch the trailer from the truck, we ran the truck back to get it weighed without the trailer. Then, back to the trailer and hitched back up. We circled back around and pulled into our spot and got all set up.

Several of the trailers at the rally.

We pretty much spent this afternoon just finding friends and riding our bikes around the fairgrounds to see where everything was. We showed several people some of the modifications we’ve done to our trailer and looked at a few that others have done to theirs.

Panoramic shot from the roof of our trailer.

Tomorrow is the first official day of the rally. There will be various activities and seminars each day. Most evenings have a meal planned on-site, either pitch-in or catered. There are many RV-related manufacturers that will be here giving talks or demonstrations. Should be a fun week.



One thought on “Arrived at the Rally

  1. Hi Folks, We certainly enjoyed your visit and the chance to see your incredible RV! It is always good to catch up on the latest. Best wishes on the Rally and the trip west. Hugs to all, David and Judy

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