Giving, Blogging and Dancing

Current Location: Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, Indiana

This morning, Val and I attended another seminar from Atwood (who makes our water heater) and got lots more useful information. We headed back to the trailer after that seminar and picked up the blankets we were donating to the rally’s “Give Back” initiative. Val headed up to the clubhouse to drop those off and Malcolm grabbed his camera and followed. The response was overwhelming, with over 500 total items donated, and 238 (or more) blankets given.

Multiple tables of baby items.

Multiple tables of baby items.

The local county extension office will distribute these items on an as-needed basis to several selected organizations so that they can be given to those that can use them most. After the county extension agent spoke to the group, we all had lunch brought in from Subway, then packed up all the items and helped carry them out and load them into the van.

This afternoon, Val and Malcolm attended Kelly Barnett‘s seminar on blogging. It was enjoyable, but there were many, many questions and just not enough time to answer them all. Kelly did fantastic, nonetheless.

Kelly teaching us how to blog.

Kelly teaching us how to blog.

After that seminar, it was back to the trailer to change clothes and get ready for this evening’s catered dinner, which was followed by some door prizes being given away and finally a DJ spinning tunes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Val and Malcolm ended up having a great time talking to the others at our table and completely missed out on the dancing. Malcolm did grab some pictures of the festivities, however. We won a weather alert radio for a door prize, which ironically was something Malcolm was considering purchasing.

Here are some pictures from this evening. Tomorrow, a big group of folks are heading up to tour the Heartland factories and see how our trailers were made. Should be a great trip.





The Chicken Dance

The Chicken Dance

More Chicken Dance

More Chicken Dance



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