End of the Weekend

Current Location: Washington State Fairgrounds Campground, Puyallup, Washington

This morning we got up and readied the trailer for moving. We pulled out around 10:00 AM from Gig Harbor and drove the 23 miles to the fairgrounds campground. We’re so glad we did this on a Sunday morning. Traffic was light and the drive was easy.

We got all settled in and Malcolm called a gentleman that was interested in picking up our old fifth wheel hitch. He indicated it would be about and hour and a half before he could get here to pick it up, so we headed up to the grocery store and bought a few things, then on to Five Guys for lunch.

When we got back to the trailer, the gentleman picking up the hitch called and was getting close. We found a good spot to meet that was on our way back out to the island and transferred the hitch over to him. He left happy and we left to head out to Fox Island for the last day of the four day weekend. It was mainly a relaxing day. Dinner was fixed and served around 6:00 PM. After that, everyone started helping clean up and preparing to leave to go to their respective homes. We headed back to the trailer.

One of the issues we are having with our trailer at the current time is one of the cables on the kitchen slide has been fraying for a while now. Val noted today after we set up that it is down to the last few strands. Malcolm found the factory repair kit on Amazon.com and ordered it for next day delivery. It should be here Tuesday, so he will be fixing that on Tuesday afternoon.


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