Heading to California

Current Location: Medford/Gold Hill KOA, Central Point, Oregon

This morning we got up early, finished packing and hitching the trailer and hit the road a little after 7:00 AM to try to beat the majority of the Tacoma area rush hour traffic. We were pretty successful on that count. Traffic was picking up, but no major delays and we rolled south on I-5.

We figured somewhere in southern Oregon would be our destination, but as usual, we drove until Malcolm felt it was time to find a place for the night. We ended up just short of Medford, Oregon (which we initially felt would be a good day’s drive).

Pulling the hills just before we got here was a little tiring, and hot. The truck’s thermometer read 101 degrees at a couple of places. No problems with the truck, though. Just took our time and fell in behind some of the (faster) trucks going up the long climbs. The trailer’s outdoor thermometer proclaimed 96 when we unhitched at the KOA.

It was a fairly uneventful drive. We stopped at a rest area in the Eugene area and fixed lunch. The weather was pleasant with a slight breeze and we found a nice shady table. Malcolm made our KOA reservation there while we ate. Using KOA’s reservation system is great for making sure they have a spot before we get there without having to call all around. Once we get in, we just sign the receipt (we pay on the phone at the time of reservation) and go park.

The trailer all set up.

The trailer all set up.

Once unhooked, we cooked breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon and hash browns).

Outdoor kitchen prepared to cook breakfast for dinner.

Outdoor kitchen prepared to cook breakfast for dinner.

After dinner, Val and David relaxed in the trailer while Malcolm topped off the air in the trailer tires (they were all down just a few pounds, plus he wanted to try to get them all to the same pressure instead of several PSI different from each other). Malcolm also enjoyed the pool and took a quick bike ride around the park. It’s a nice KOA, very well kept. There is also a bucolic cow pasture just next door.



Tomorrow, we have a slightly easier drive and are going to try to stay somewhere close to San Francisco and do a little sight-seeing there.


2 thoughts on “Heading to California

  1. Just passed you at 8:40 am just south of Gold Hill. Hope you have a good drive into CA and get a chance to sightsee in San Francisco. Wish we could have met…maybe somewhere down the road. Safe travels. Doris

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