Back to Work

Current Location: Vacationer RV Park, El Cajon, California

Malcolm started back to work today. The first task was to stop by Enterprise and pick up our rental car. Malcolm will drive it to and from work, and we’ll probably split the gas bill and use it for sightseeing purposes. Enterprise was busy (though Malcolm was first in line) with people returning their weekend rentals. Malcolm was on the road by 8:00 on the way to the office, though, in our silver Toyota Corolla.

Welcome to work!

Welcome to work!

The ride to the office in late rush-hour traffic took about 45 minutes. Malcolm plans on leaving about 7:00 tomorrow morning to see how that traffic goes. Driving home took about 50 minutes. Traffic slows at points, but never really just stopped and sat.

Val ran a couple of errands today and caught up our travel scrapbook. Looks like we’ll need to split it into at least two books for this year.

Lots of pages

Lots of pages


2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Hope it’s okay to post on these older pages. What do you keep in your travel scrapbook and are you still using it?

    I’ve been reading your blog, starting at the beginning. Really enjoying it and learning a bunch. You gave me a new idea. We are buying our trailer to go full time maybe a year before retirement. I’m thinking of doing what you guys did and that is finding a seasonal spot to park and enjoy rather than sticking it in storage.

    Your trailer modifications are awesome. The Heartland Big Country has a lot of value for the price. Looking forward to reading more of the blog. I did not want to fast forward to see if you are still in the same trailer.

    • We still have the travel scrapbooks. My wife maintains those. We put in handouts and flyers from campgrounds and places we visit, maybe a postcard or two, tickets, receipts, whatever documents our various visits and activities.

      Have fun reading. I won’t spoil the rest of the story for you. 🙂

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