The Daily Grind

Current Location: Vacationer RV Park, El Cajon, California

Not much to report the last couple of days. Malcolm’s working and Val and David are running errands, shopping and doing the usual day to day stuff.

Malcolm found that leaving a little before 7:00 AM he can get to the office in about 35-40 minutes (almost no back-ups). Leaving the office at 5:00 PM means almost an hour drive home. Today he worked a bit late, leaving the office at 6:00 PM and finding almost no backups. Just a matter of fine-tuning.

David is with us for a few more days, but flies home next Wednesday. We’ve enjoyed having him with us, but glad that he will be back at the house making sure things are running smoothly (his friend has been staying there this summer, but needs to head back to school the end of July).

We found our canister of brown sugar home to many small ants this evening, so it was dumped and cleaned. The contents of the remaining canisters were dumped into zip lock bags (no ants) and cleaned, as well. Malcolm sprayed bug spray around the landing gear, hoses and wires and tires. However, we’re parked under a tree and have bicycles locked to the front landing legs, so it is near impossible to prevent entry from all sides.

Other than finding those ants, we haven’t really been plagued with them. Just need to keep everything spotless. We may employ the suggestion of sprinkling Comet cleanser around things outside. Many others in the park are doing that, as well.

Heartland called on Tuesday and our corner piece replacement is being shipped to the campground after returning from paint. Malcolm will replace that sometime while we are here. The hole in the current one is filled with silicone sealant to keep water out, though we haven’t had any rain in a couple of weeks.


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