A Visit With Instagram Friends

Current Location: Vacationer RV Park, El Cajon, California

Today was a little different sight-seeing adventure. Malcolm is active on Instagram and has been following two users, Erin and Brianne, exchanging comments and enjoying their pictures of their horses. We have laughed at their various antics with their horses via the Internet and, since they are in the Los Angeles area, decided to contact them to see if we could come up and visit.

They both responded with a hearty “Yes!”, so this morning we hit the road for a 2 hour drive to Glendale to meet them at the boarding stables where they keep their horses. They’ve been following our daughter on Instagram as well and Val showed them lots of pictures of our grandchildren.

Val showing Brianne and Erin pictures of the grandbabies

Val showing Brianne and Erin pictures of the grandbabies

We visited with the horses. Beatrix, Erin’s Friesian horse, was inside the stables. Brianne’s two boys – Rio and Hatchet – were outside getting some fresh air and stretching their legs. We visited with all the horses, put them all in their stalls and Brianne drove us around the LA Equestrian Center. We stopped just outside the equestrian center and ate lunch at Viva Cantina.

We came back to the stables and chatted for while longer and visited most of the other horses while we were there. Since Erin and Brianne had things going on this afternoon, we had to say our goodbyes and head on back south.

Brianne, Erin, Beatrix and Malcolm

Brianne, Erin, Beatrix and Malcolm

Erin demonstrating Beatrix's hoof lift

Erin demonstrating Beatrix’s hoof lift

After we got home, we relaxed for a bit then headed out in search of dinner. We settled on a sit-down restaurant at the mall. Once back at the trailer, Malcolm emptied out the front tanks and hooked the hose back up to the rear tank where he has been leaving it.

Tomorrow, it is back to work for Malcolm. He’s going to drop the truck off next door at the Ford dealer to get some things worked on so it will be ready when we leave either next weekend or the weekend after (depending on work needs).


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