Las Vegas

Current Location: Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

We were up early this morning and started the breakdown and packup procedures. We had the slides retracted and the door locked by 8:00, so we wandered over to the office to settle up our bill and get a receipt. It was supposed to open by 8:00, but no luck.

We walked over to the Ford dealer next door and wandered around their lot for a bit, then wandered back over to the office around 8:30. Still nobody home. By 8:40, we loaded up in the truck and grabbed the rental car to go take it back. The RV Park office staff was just coming in as we were pulling out, so we went ahead and returned the car, then stopped by the office on the way back into the park to get our final bill.

Once all the financials were settled, it was off to hook up to the trailer. Since our hitch is still fairly new to us and we haven’t hooked up for four weeks, we both had to scratch our heads and try to figure out why it wouldn’t latch around the pin when Malcolm backed up. Then we remembered you have to flip the lever up to unlock the jaws. Duh. After that, hookup and pull test went fine and we were off.

We headed up I-10, a little later starting than we anticipated, but the drive went smoothly. Temperatures hit a high of 106 in the Mojave desert.

Hot, hot, hot.

Hot, hot, hot.

The truck pulled the long grades in the heat rather well. The new fan belt and water pump pulley took care of the noise we were having heading across the Rockies and down through California. The temperature gauge climbed slightly at one point, but Malcolm was passing some slower trucks on a grade and the temperature fell back to normal quickly after we pulled back over in the slow lane and resumed a normal pace (that being about 48 mph).

California desert sign at rest area.

California desert sign at rest area.

We pulled into the RV park here right at 5:00 and checked in. We had the trailer set up by 5:30.

Our site.

Our site.

We grabbed a cab and rode into town to see the sights. We ate dinner at the Bellagio, then walked up the strip to see the sights. We went as far as Treasure Island before we started wiping out (it was 9:30 at that point). We headed across the street and walked through Harrah’s to the monorail station and caught the monorail to the southern end of the line at the MGM Grand. From there, we caught a cab back to the RV park and plopped down in bed.

Daylight pic

Daylight pic

Water show

Water show

Tomorrow, we’re driving over to see Hoover Dam, then back to the RV park to relax in the pool.

We saw quite an assortment of license plates on the way up here today (I-15 all the way) – 23 out of 51.

Today's Plates

Today’s Plates

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