Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Current Location: Railside RV Ranch, Williams, Arizona

This morning, we got everything all packed up, then walked over to the office at Oasis RV Resort. We met with the facilities manager to get some pictures of the various amenities for our friend Jim Beletti. Oasis is in the running for having the 2016 Heartland Owners’ Club national rally, so we offered Jim any assistance he might need before he visits with them later this year. He asked if we could go ahead and get some pictures. We’ll hand those off to him in a couple weeks at the Georgia rally.

Once that task was done, we finished hooking up and headed down the road. We took US 93 across the new bridge at Hoover Dam. The sides are so tall, we couldn’t see much of anything. Also, there were road signs indicating possible high winds and that tall vehicles should keep in the left lane, so we were in the middle of the bridge.

US 93 was an easy drive across the Arizona desert to Kingman. It was fairly hot, hovering around 100 degrees, but dropping into the low 90’s by the time we had climbed to Kingman. We took a quick break at Kingman, then hopped on I-40 east. A few miles down I-40, we decided to go ahead and take advantage of a truck stop parking lot to fix lunch.

Our site.

Our site.

We finished the drive on into Williams around 2:30 in the afternoon and checked into the campground here. Once we got set up and the air conditioners running, we relaxed for a bit before driving to downtown Williams to check out the town. It was a lot of fun. Lots of interesting shops and great restaurants.

Downtown on Route 66

Downtown on Route 66

Great place for dinner

Great place for dinner

Photo op

Photo op

At 7:00, they have a wild west show in the middle of the street. It was fun. One of the actors was from Alabama, so we made sure to get a picture made with him.


Whoopin' it up

Whoopin’ it up

After the show, we drove around town a bit more, then headed back to the trailer. Tomorrow – the Grand Canyon. We’ve arranged something special for the day. Stay tuned to find out more tomorrow!


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