Crossing Texas

Current Location: Fort Amarillo RV Park & Resort, Amarillo, Texas

Pretty quiet travel day today. Just driving, no incidents. Scenery was pretty mild. Not a lot to report.

Nicest scenery on the way

Nicest scenery on the way

We stopped here in Amarillo for the evening, arriving about 3:00. We got all set up, grabbed our laundry and headed to the laundry room. This park is fairly nice, though it could use some tidying up. While we waited on the wash, we walked over to the store on the property. It was very nice. If they spent as much time on the grounds as they did inside the store, this would be a top notch place.

Our site

Our site

Painted pony near the laundry

Painted pony near the laundry

While the laundry was drying, we headed back to the trailer to fix dinner. While dinner was finishing up on the stove, Malcolm walked back over and pulled all the laundry out of the dryers and brought it back to the trailer.

After dinner, we drove over to WalMart and picked up some things we were needing and filled the truck up with fuel (lowest price around according to Gas Buddy). We headed back to the trailer, put groceries away, hung out the towels and jeans (they weren’t quite dry) and did the dishes before settling down in our chairs for some adult beverages.

Got a fair amount of license plates today. Traffic was rather light, though. Still, 29 of 51 is pretty good.

License plate sightings

License plate sightings


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