Oklahoma City

Current Location: Roadrunner RV Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Another fairly quiet drive today. We left our campsite in Amarillo about 8:45 AM and found that I-40 was not very busy at all through town. We attempted to stop and visit the American Quarter Horse Museum on the way out of town, as their website indicated that buses and vehicles with trailers have a place to park, but there was no signage indicating where such large vehicles might park from the road. We passed.

There’s something about trying to back 57 feet of truck and trailer out of a tight parking lot that just doesn’t excite us. It occurred to Malcolm later on that a quick look at the site with Google maps satellite view would have revealed where to turn, and it did. We’ll have to remember to check that beforehand next time.

Anyway, we traveled on east on into Oklahoma. Before leaving Texas, we stopped at a Route 66 themed rest area (most of them along I-40 seem to be). It had a lot of interesting plaques mounted along the sidewalk that we took time to read.

Mosaic outside rest area

Mosaic outside rest area

We called ahead to our campground here and made a reservation. They were ready for us when we arrived and we checked right on in. The park is maintained really nice. There aren’t a lot of amenities like pools and such, but it is kept very neat. If you look closely, you can tell some of the units are more long-term, but there isn’t a lot of “junk” piled up around the trailers. Very nice.

Our site in Oklahoma City

Our site in Oklahoma City

Oil derrick next to campground. You can tell you are in Oklahoma.

Oil derrick next to campground. You can tell you are in Oklahoma.

After setting up, we ran down to Norman to the mall to visit a friend of ours who works there. She took her lunch hour and we had a good meal at the Mexican restaurant in the mall. After her hour was up, we walked around the mall a bit and headed back to the trailer. One the way back up I-35, we noticed where the recent tornadoes had devastated the town of Moore.

Once in the trailer, Val relaxed and Malcolm took care of a couple of outside chores. First, he did a check on the basement area where he had fixed the hot water heater. When he first put it back into service, the water outlet had a very slow drip. That obviously has quit now, as there are no signs of water seepage. He also cleaned the mud, dirt and soot (from the exhaust) off the front of the trailer.

Malcolm also took advantage of the mild weather to apply the product Wipe New to the plastic trim on the truck. He has seen a few other people recommend it for the aging and graying plastic trim on the truck. It’s a bit expensive at $20 (at WalMart or online), but just washing the truck twice is more expensive than that. We’ll see how it holds up.

Before - trim under front bumper.

Before – trim under front bumper.

After - trim under front bumper

After – trim under front bumper

Passenger mirror

Passenger mirror

We had a pretty good day of tagging license plates, including the elusive District of Columbia plate. 28 of 51 plates spotted.

License Plates today.

License Plates today.

Today is a milestone day (something that Malcolm has added to the site – check the top menu for “Milestones“). We are staying in our 25th state today. Looking at our state map, we don’t anticipate adding any new states the rest of the year, so we’ll probably end the year with 25. You never know, though.



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