In Round Rock for a Week

Current Location: Old Settlers Association RV Park, Round Rock, Texas

Today was a relatively easy drive, except for a lot of construction and traffic on I-35 around Waco. We sat in a backup for about 20 minutes, but it eventually cleared and started moving again. We found a nice picnic area to pull off just south of Waco which was good timing as the backup was just a few miles further on down the road.

Picnic stop

Picnic stop

We pulled into the RV park here knowing that on Sunday the office is closed. Malcolm had called ahead on Friday and they said to pull into a site and stop by the office Monday morning to settle up. There are cards to fill out outside of the office that Malcolm went ahead and did.

When we pulled into the first site we had selected, we got all unhitched, leveled and hooked up the A/C (30 amp). Our EMS did not like the connection at all and kept kicking out. Our next door neighbor walked out with a map and indicated that about half the sites are 50 amp. The three or so we had originally looked at were 30’s. We found that the site right next to the one we originally pulled into was a 50 amp, so we hitched back up and moved.

Set up in the 50 amp site

Set up in the 50 amp site

We hooked up the AC power in the new site before unhitching the truck just to make sure and it was all good. So we finished unhooking and getting set up. By the time we were done, the temperature was hovering around 100 degrees. We knew the trailer was going to take a while to cool down, so Malcolm took us on a tour of the area. Work is just 4 miles from the campground, which is the main benefit to where we are.

We walked around Ikea and picked up some more curtain material and some rods to finish decorating the windows in the trailer. We ate dinner at Chuy’s (tex-mex) Restaurant then headed back to the trailer.

Once at the trailer, we took down all the remaining valances from over the windows in the living room slides and removed all the wallpaper border (another item we’ve been wanting to do). Tomorrow, Malcolm will hang the curtain rods so Val can put together more cafe curtains for over the living room slide windows. The slides already look much lighter. We can’t wait to see the curtains up.

Couch slide with valances and border removed

Couch slide with valances and border removed

Chair slide with valances and border removed

Chair slide with valances and border removed

Peeling back the border

Peeling back the border

Today’s state plates are shown below. Only 20 of 51 today.

Today's license plate finds

Today’s license plate finds

We passed another milestone today – 15,000 miles pulling the trailer (since we bought it). Not quite 15,000 miles this year, but close.

We will be here in Round Rock for a week of work for Malcolm, then we’re heading on east towards Georgia.

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