Stuff Around Round Rock

Current Location: Old Settlers Association RV Park, Round Rock, Texas

Malcolm has been busy working during the day. So has Val, but on sewing projects. We’re busy working on living room window treatments. We’ll post pictures when we are done. Made another trip to Ikea this evening to grab a few pieces we needed to finish the job, but found out that they were the wrong size, so it’s off to Ikea again tomorrow to exchange those.

Malcolm leveled the blinds in the couch slide. The ones on the sides of the slide were mounted parallel to the ceiling, which is sloped, causing the blinds to hang funny. While they were down for leveling, Malcolm finished sealing the joints in the walls with new silicone sealant.

We did a little sightseeing this evening on the way back to the trailer from the stores. Malcolm has been in this area several times and had a couple of places to stop and visit. The first is the McNeil Street I-35 overpass bridges.

Beneath these bridges live about a million bats (no exaggeration, they estimate truly near a million of them). About an hour before sunset, they start flying out from under the bridge to spend the night eating insects, primarily mosquitoes. That’s why there are very few pesky insects in this area.



Thousands of bats!

Thousands of bats!

After witnessing the bats flying out for the evening, we wandered over to Round Rock Memorial Park.

Round Rock Park

Round Rock Park

There is a stream running through the park and in the stream bed, you can see wagon ruts from the Chisholm Trail.

Chisolm Trail Ruts

Chisholm Trail Ruts

Chisolm Trail Ruts, I-35 in the background

Chisholm Trail Ruts, I-35 in the background

The city of Round Rock is named after the round rock found in the creek bed and which served as a point of reference along the trail.

Round Rock

Round Rock

Chisholm Trail Sign

Chisholm Trail Sign

After our brief history tour and bat sighting, we headed back to the trailer so Malcolm could get his start on the window treatment work. More work tomorrow and possibly pictures of finished product.


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