Last Day in Texas

Current Location: Old Settlers Association RV Park, Round Rock, Texas

Today is our last day in Texas. Tomorrow morning, we’re pulling out to head east. We’ll be stopping in Lafayette, Louisiana for a couple days, then on east from there. You can see the tentative schedule in our latest trip page – Trip 8.

Malcolm didn’t have any real work to do this afternoon, so when he came home for lunch, we went out to eat then went over to the office with Val and her computer. She hooked up to the corporate network and updated all her computers and iDevices (Malcolm had done his earlier in the week). Malcolm introduced Val around to the folks he works with in the Texas office, then we headed out about 2:30 pm.

We stopped by Ikea to pick up some additional decorating items, then headed over to the outlet mall to walk around a bit and grab a cool drink. Then it was back to the trailer to finish decorating. We put another of the matching lamp shades on the gooseneck floor lamp next to the couch and found matching pillow cases to wrap the throw pillows with. Finally, we put a decorative pillow on the couch, as well.

Original throw pillow (came with the recliners)

Original throw pillow (came with the recliners)

With new pillow case

With new pillow case

On the couch with the new pillow

On the couch with the new pillow

Malcolm finished hanging the cafe curtains on the recliner slide. Due to popular request on a more step-by-step basis of how we hung the curtains, that procedure will be in a separate post.

After the work in the trailer, we headed up the road (literally just up to the corner) and ate dinner at Salt Lick BBQ. It was great and we brought home leftovers. We also stopped by Allens Boots where Malcolm found a pair of boots he has been wanting.

We came back to the trailer and Malcolm emptied all the tanks in preparation for leaving tomorrow. He also walked over and assisted a gentleman trying to get his travel trailer level (this lot slopes downhill in two directions) by giving him one of our sets of “lego blocks” (plastic leveling blocks). We have three sets and rarely use two of them, so we had planned on getting rid of the third set anyway. We figured it went to a good home.


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