Georgia Rally – Arrival

Current Location: River Vista Mountain Village RV Resort, Dillard, Georgia

We packed up this morning at Fort Toulouse and stopped to empty all the tanks before hitting the road to Georgia. It was a fairly quiet trip considering we drove around Atlanta on a weekday. Probably driving around Atlanta around 11:00 on a weekday helped a bit. We pulled off at an exit on the northeast side of town to figure out where we were going exactly and to have lunch. We haven’t been using GPS much except to plot a course, instead using map apps more as you would a paper atlas.

Once underway, we stopped again to go ahead and fuel up instead of arriving on a nearly empty tank. The terrain started getting more hilly as we headed northeast into the north Georgia mountains.

North Georgia mountains

North Georgia mountains

We arrived at the campground mid-afternoon. Since we had prepaid for our site some time back, we only had to pick up our packet and head to our site. It is a really nice campground, er, RV resort. Very well kept and the area is scenic.

Our site, complete with actual working gas light.

Our site, complete with actual working gas light.

Other Heartland Owners Club members slowly trickled in throughout the evening and the usual sitting around and chatting commenced once it got dark.

Today’s license plate finds were pretty good considering the route and medium to light traffic. 27 out of 51 plates found – including Hawaii.

Today's license plates

Today’s license plates


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