First Day of Georgia Rally

Current Location: River Vista Mountain Village RV Resort, Dillard, Georgia

This morning, Malcolm headed out with Jim Beletti and Dave Yokum to the hardware store to buy some items that Jim needed for his new trailer. Back at the campground, Jim, Dave and Malcolm worked on moving the dining room table in Jim’s trailer to center it between the wall and couch.

A group of eight of us (Talleys, Dicks, Belettis and the Parrishs) headed out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant over the border in North Carolina. It was pretty good food and definitely good company. Once back from lunch, we headed over to Home Depot to return an item and pick up a couple of items for Jim Beletti. We also stopped by the farmers market and got some tomatoes and apples.

Malcolm spent the afternoon putting new ends on all the Cable and Satellite connectors throughout our trailer to try to solve a bad signal issue affecting all our TVs to varying degrees. It didn’t seem to help much, so we suspect maybe the cable outside the trailer might need to be replaced. We’ll pick one of those up sometime.

This evening we went alone to eat dinner at the Dillard House restaurant. It was family style food and there was plenty of it. We brought home lots of leftovers. Dinner the next couple of evenings are rally events.

Pictures from dinner:

Dillard House sign

Dillard House sign

Tons of food

Tons of food



Scenic view

Scenic view




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