Georgia Rally – Day Two

Current Location: River Vista Mountain Village RV Resort, Dillard, Georgia

Malcolm got up late this morning (after 9 am) due to having problems sleeping last night (he was up until 3 am). The sound of work next door (at the Beletti’s coach) encouraged him to get moving, if for no other reason than to offer his supervisory assistance. Val stayed in our trailer and baked stuff this morning.

After making his way outside, Malcolm saw a flurry of activity going on on the roof of the Beletti’s trailer.

Jim Beletti and crew working on the roof of his coach

Jim Beletti and crew working on the roof of his coach

Noting that there was more than sufficient help next door, Malcolm went back to our coach to see if he could do any more work on the cable TV system. Yesterday, with Jim Beletti’s guidance and tools, Malcolm replaced all of the connectors throughout the coach with better ones than what they put on at the factory. It seemed to help somewhat. Today, he replaced the outside cable. It is hard to tell how much help any or all of that work did since the campground cable system seems to have its moments. We’ll see later on down the road.

After lunch, we were relaxing outside when it started thundering in the distance. Eventually, it just started raining. Not really much wind, but we rolled up the awning just in case. We had already put the chairs away to keep them dry.

Here comes the rain

Here comes the rain

Seizing the opportunity of having the outside of the trailer all wet with rain, Malcolm donned his raincoat and grabbed the long-handled Windex thing with the pad that you clean your windows with. Since the rain subsided about the time he was done cleaning the windows, he used the long-handled squeegee to clean the soapy stuff off. The windows looks much better from inside now.

This evening was a pitch-in dinner at the clubhouse. The food was great and so was the company.

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Here is a picture down our “street” showing several of the Heartland rigs here. There are twenty-some Heartland units here for the rally, including a couple of new units or first-time rally-goers. We’ve even adopted one family with a new non-Heartland trailer that ended up in the middle of our group on our street.




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