Georgia Rally – Day Three

Current Location: River Vista Mountain Village RV Resort, Dillard, Georgia

Our third and final day at the Georgia Chapter of the Heartland Owners’ Club rally here in Dillard, Georgia is also our final full day here. Tomorrow, we pack up and head to Tennessee for the Tennessee Chapter rally.

This morning there was a pitch-in brunch at the clubhouse. Several folks headed to the kitchen a little early and made up scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes. Others brought in their dishes to share. All of the food was excellent.

After brunch cleanup, we wandered around to visit and found others out touring various members’ trailers. There are two new Landmarks here and a couple other interesting trailers, including a first-year Landmark with a low serial number (200?) in really excellent shape. It was fun looking at the various modifications that others have done and showing off a few of our own.

This evening was a cookout. The club bought hot dogs, brats, burgers, etc. and several of the men grilled the food while others prepared things inside. There was also more pitch-in items. Dinner was great. After the dinner, we all lined up for a group photo.

Club banner

Club banner

Grilling Team

Grilling Team

Hungry customers

Hungry customers


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