On to Tennessee

Current Location: Spring Lake RV Resort, Crossville, Tennessee

This morning we packed up the trailer, hitched up and headed out from the Georgia rally site along with three other club members to head to Crossville, Tennessee for the Tennessee Chapter rally. We followed the Belettis and the Wolbecks and the Alfonos followed behind.

Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains

Wolbecks and Aflonos behind us

Wolbecks and Aflonos behind us

We stopped along the way for lunch and a photo op at the Tennessee welcome area rest stop on I-40. The Belettis turned on their generator and air conditioning and put out the slides so we all ate inside their coach. While there, someone with a Big Country pulled through and slowed down to look at our group, then headed on. If you happen to read this blog – Hi!

The group

The group

After lunch, Malcolm wandered around the end of the trailers and noticed a Cyclone parked a couple spots away. It turns out that they were just finishing up putting their spare tire on due to one of their road tires (a Towmax) was throwing a belt. He happened to notice a fist-sized lump in the tread. We encouraged him a bit and Jim Beletti advised him to contact Treadit and have them look at the carcass.

Cyclone temporarily joins the party

Cyclone temporarily joins the party

We arrived in Crossville mid-afternoon. Our spot is near the entrance and everyone else (so far) has been towards the back around the lake. The rally doesn’t officially start until later in the week, so we’ll have plenty more arrive and get scattered about the park.

Our well-treed site.

Our well-treed site.

Once settled in, we rode our bikes around to visit the few other members that were here and milling about. Then we headed back to the trailer to grab the truck and make a grocery run. We were delightfully surprised to find one of our favorite Kentucky beverages – Ale 8 One – at the local Crossville grocery store. It is a popular ginger ale in central Kentucky and is bottled in Winchester, Kentucky. We ended up buying a couple six-packs.

Ale 8 - yum!

Ale 8 – yum!

For dinner, we enjoyed our leftover gumbo that Nick and Sheila sent with us last week. It was just as good the second time around (and we still have enough for one more meal). Everyone else went out to eat (we missed the invite until after dinner).

This evening we are sitting outside enjoying the sounds of nature and the breeze from the anti-mosquito fan while Malcolm posts this blog entry.

Today’s license plate finds were fairly impressive considering the route (US 23 north to I-40 west around the Smoky Mountains). 26 out of 51 plates found. (By the way, the blue squares represent the found plates).

Today's License Plates

Today’s License Plates


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