Golf, Food, Move

Current Location: Spring Lake RV Resort, Crossville, Tennessee

This morning, Malcolm was out the door early with four other men to go play golf. They played The Bear Trace course, a Jack Nicklaus designed course at Cumberland Mountain State Park. It was a pleasant round of golf and everyone had fun. The guys arrived back to the park around 1:30.

Meanwhile, Val went out to breakfast with a large group from the rally. They ate at Kali’s Kitchen in Crossville. The food was reportedly very good.

Val found out that one of the couples that had planned on coming to the rally had a family issue that prevented them from coming. We were invited to take their spot back with almost all the other rally attendees, since we were off by ourselves at the front of the park. Val had the trailer all packed up and ready to move when Malcolm returned from golf. We hooked up and moved to the back of the park with everyone else.

Once the trailer was plugged back in and the air conditioners running, we headed out to get a late lunch at McDonalds and to stop by Radio Shack for Malcolm to pick up some parts for a project that he and Jim Beletti are working on. Then it was back to the trailer.

A good-sized group of us decided to eat dinner at the buffet at Cumberland Mountain State Park. Most of the food was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. The price was right (around $10 a person) for all you can eat. Once back to the park, some folks (including Val) headed to the clubhouse to play games.


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