Another Rally Day

Current Location: Spring Lake RV Resort, Crossville, Tennessee

Val baked birthday cake this morning so it would cool during the day to be frosted. Once the morning relaxation and baking was complete, we loaded in the Cooper’s truck with them and the Barnetts and headed to the Beletti’s for lunch. The developer for the RV neighborhood they live in treated us all to a good barbecue lunch and offered us tours around a couple of the homes there.

After lunch and tours we headed back to the campground. Malcolm took a nap to try to get rid of a pesky headache and Val iced her cake. Once Malcolm arose, he was suprised when our son, David, walked in the door of the trailer. David had driven up from Alabama to help celebrate Malcolm’s birthday at this evening’s get-together in the clubhouse.

We headed to the clubhouse with birthday decorations and cake. The evening’s meal theme was finger foods and there was plenty to go around. After a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday”, we got to get in line first and grab our grub. It was a fun evening and door prizes were given out to everyone before we left to go back to our trailers.


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