Home for a While

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This morning we rolled out of bed early and had the trailer all packed up and ready to travel before breakfast in the clubhouse at 8am. Since it was anticipated that our home campground (Ft. Toulouse) would probably not have running water when we arrived later today, we started filling the fresh tank on the trailer. It took quite a while before it got to the 2/3 mark, so we chanced grabbing a quick bite while Malcolm popped back to the trailer to check the level.

After a couple of trips, Malcolm just stayed near the trailer while he prepared the truck to get ready to go. At one point, he could distinctly hear the sound of water hitting the ground. A quick run back to the trailer and it looked like a flood was coming out from underneath. Malcolm shut the water off quickly and looked under to see what damage may have occurred. As it turns out, the water was running out of the two overflow/vent tubes (one on each side) as designed.

Malcolm drained some of the water out of the tank until the overflow tubes quit running, then unhooked the water and put everything away. We hitched up and pulled out about 9:00 or so. The trip home was uneventful and we arrived around 4:30 pm, dribbling water all along the way. As it turned out, the water is still on here at the campground, so we hauled several hundred pounds of water all the way from Tennessee for nothing. Well, at least we’ll have water at the ready if they do turn it off here.

Another big trip has ended. Malcolm will be working the next couple of weeks (at least) while we also start working on our house to get it ready to sell. The remainder of the fall will probably revolve around house repairs and putting the house on the market, so travel will be mixed.



2 thoughts on “Home for a While

  1. Glad you are home safe and sound. Why are they going to shut the water off at the campground; freezing weather coming soon?

    So, on Saturday I was in Wetumka shopping at the flea market with Melba (MIL) and saw a truck with a front plate on it that said “Talley”. It was a white Ford Ranger, was it David’s or are there more Talley’s in Wetumka I need to know about?

    • Wasn’t David. There are apparently some Talleys in Wetumpka that everyone except us know personally. Every time I give my name to someone in Wetumpka, they ask if I’m related to these mystery Talleys.

      They are completing hooking up city water to the campground at some point. When that happens, we were warned that we’ll be without water for a day or two until they get everything settled. Then they’ll turn it back on (switching from well water to city water in the process).

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