And Then There Were Three

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today was a busy day, as we expected it to be. Malcolm started the morning off with a blood test in preparation for an upcoming physical exam. After that, he picked up a new battery for Val’s car and took it back to the house and installed it. Then, on to work where he found out they still haven’t switched his computer over to the new company’s domain like everyone else has been, so he arranged for that to happen this afternoon.

While that was going on, Malcolm watched the annual ethics training video on his personal laptop and signed off on that. He also took the opportunity to back up new pictures to the “offsite” backup drive he keeps here in the Alabama office.

Malcolm picked up Val and the laundry at lunch and we headed over to the new Zaxby’s restaurant (in Wetumpka) and had a quick lunch. Then, Val was dropped off at the house while Malcolm went back to work. Val took care of laundry and groceries during the afternoon. We had “breakfast for dinner” (eggs, sausage, biscuits), then headed out to start taking care of house-selling errands.

First stop was Home Depot. We picked up some items for the yard (fertilizer/weed killer as well as fire ant powder). We also arranged for them to come out and measure our three patio doors in preparation for having them replaced. While there, we also picked up a new range for the kitchen. There were a bunch of appliances in the front entry of the store that were on clearance (the range we chose was a floor sample) with an additional 10% off. We loaded up the range in the back of the truck (delivery was $80) and headed over to the pet store to do some shopping before taking the range to the house and storing it in the garage for a while.

Pet store?

The newest Traveling Talley - Callie

The newest Traveling Talley – Callie

Since our son will be heading off to the Air Force in the next few months and we’ll be selling our house, our cat Callie needed a place to call home. We decided to test her out in the trailer and will be giving her a few rides in the truck to acclimate her to that, as well. So far, after a couple hours in the trailer, she is sprawled out on the bed with Val while Malcolm writes up the blog post. Hopefully, future trips in the truck will be as calm as the one out to the campground (save for the first five minutes of loud yowling).


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