Getting Things Done

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Friday was another busy day. Val was over at the house sorting through things. She met the contractor who was sent over by Home Depot to measure the exterior doors we will soon order and have replaced. Malcolm had yet another appointment, this time at the optometrist. Time for new contact lenses. We love the optometrist at our local Costco. She’s always so thorough and recommended an excellent brand of contact lenses for Malcolm when he complained that his always dried out.

We had received a new cat litter box for Callie from Amazon which David dropped off with Malcolm before he left the office. Once Malcolm got home, we ate dinner in the trailer, then headed over to the grocery store and Walgreens to get a prescription filled. The rest of the evening was just stuff around the trailer and relaxing.

This morning we got up early and got dressed to head to church for a viewing and funeral service for a dear church friend that we called “Pop” as he was almost like a grandfather to us and the children. It was a beautiful service and we saw a few people we hadn’t seen in a long time as well as a lot of folks from church that we hadn’t seen since June.

David had an early meeting with his Air Force recruiter to start working out. He quickly found out how out of shape he is. Afterwards, he headed over to the church to sit with us during the funeral services. His recruiter gave him a date when he will be heading off to basic training – February 11th. That makes our Christmas planning much easier now.

After the services, we headed to Mellow Mushroom to get some pizza and salads for lunch. From there, David headed home and we headed to the trailer to change into work clothes and headed to the house. Val sorted through things inside while Malcolm did some yard work out front. David and Malcolm used the truck and some chain to pull a couple smaller trees out from around the back of the house.

Once we got done at the house, we headed to Home Depot to pick up some furnace filters for the house as well as a new set of electric hedge clippers and some parts for a shelving project (more on that in a future post). Being tired from the hectic day, we fell into Cracker Barrel and had a relaxing dinner.

Once back at the trailer, Malcolm assembled a nice cabinet that hides Callie’s litter box. It will double as small coffee table next to the couch when we’re parked. We got the cabinet from Amazon – LINK. We got the Walnut colored one.


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