Packing and Preparing

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Yesterday was rainy, so it scuttled our plans to do some work on the exterior of the house. Instead, we went shopping and, between raindrops, Malcolm tidied up some things on the outside of the new truck. Shopping consisted of buying Malcolm some shirts and a new wallet. We also purchased another hitch-mounted step for the new truck like we had on the old truck.

We stopped by Home Depot to check on the status of the measurements that had been taken of the doors we are having replaced on the house. They found the information on the computer so we went ahead and ordered the doors. They should arrive around the time we get back from Washington and we’ll arrange for installation at that point. If we end up working down in Houston, our son will be responsible for overseeing installation and construction work.

David came over to the trailer and spent the night with us Saturday night. He has been trying to get on a more normal schedule and wanted to go to church with us Sunday morning. We blew up the air mattress and he slept on the living room floor.

This morning, the three of us went to church. After church, we ate lunch at David’s favorite sushi place. Val and Malcolm got their teriyaki lunches (not liking sushi). After lunch, we headed back to the trailer. David flopped down for a nap and Malcolm cleaned up the pickup bed cover. He also aired up all the tires on the new truck and installed the tire pressure monitors on the valve stems.

Afterwards, we sent Callie home with David so he can watch her for the next week or so while we fly out to Washington to visit with our daughter and family. We also dropped the old truck off at the house and picked up Val’s car to drive to the airport in Atlanta. The new truck will stay at the campground since we have our good friend and camp host, Nathan, just across the street. He’s great about watching our stuff for us.


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