Avery Island Visit

Current Location: Lafayette KOA, Scott, Louisiana

Malcolm got up early this morning and took the truck to Safelite to get the new windshield installed on the truck. He just waited in the lobby while they did the work. He also took advantage of their free wi-fi while he was there and caught up on some things using his iPad. The truck was done in about an hour. We have full glass coverage on the truck, so there was no charge.

After Malcolm returned to the trailer he decided to take care of a couple items. One was to lower our hitch down one notch. The new bed rails are about an inch taller than the old one and the trailer has just a slight nose up stance. Also, it is difficult to get our rolling cover over the hitch without a lot of gymnastics. The cover rolls shut easily now. Also, with the trailer back to rolling downhill again, we should get better mileage, right?

We left mid-morning and headed to our friends (Nick and Sheila) house. We all hopped in the truck and headed to Avery Island to visit the Tabasco plant. We rummaged through the gift shop and just as we were ordering lunch at their outside food trailer,a big rainstorm rolled in. The outdoor dining was covered, so we stayed dry while we ate. The rain almost subsided in time to walk over to the plant for a tour.

After the tour we headed back into town to do a little shopping. It poured rain the whole time, but had pretty well quit by the time we headed back to Nick and Sheila’s place. They cooked up red beans and rice for dinner, sending the leftovers with us. After dinner we said our goodbyes, stopped to get fuel and headed back to the trailer to relax. Tomorrow morning we head on to west Houston for a couple weeks.


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