Houston Traffic and Work

Current Location: Traders Village RV Park, Houston, Texas

Malcolm headed into the office on Monday, using the route we pre-ran on Sunday evening. Traffic was decently heavy, but he managed to get to the office in about 20 minutes, so not too bad. Work was somewhat light Monday morning, so Malcolm headed to the nearby Ford dealer to order a new hub cover for the truck. They indicated it would be in later in the day and that they’d call.

After the Ford dealer, Malcolm headed down to the other office to visit some of his co-workers there and see the area where they set up new equipment before it is shipped to the customer. He also picked up a security badge so he can get in and out of the doors. By the time he was leaving that office, he realized it was nearly lunch time, so he headed to the trailer and had lunch with Val.

After lunch, Malcolm worked at the first office the rest of the day. He hadn’t heard anything from the Ford dealer, so he called them on the way up the road. They indicated that the cover was in, so he dropped by there and picked it up, installing it on the wheel. Now the truck is whole again.

After dinner in the trailer, we loaded the laundry in the truck and headed down to the campground laundry. Once done, we folded and put things away and relaxed.

This morning, Malcolm was to meet his co-workers at the office by 8:00 so he could ride with them to an off-site meeting. Trying to shave a little time off the commute, Malcolm tried a different road that dumped him in the wrong place and in the middle of a bunch of traffic. A U-turn back to the original route and he was only 10 minutes late.

After work, Malcolm headed back the normal route (reverse of the route heading in the morning) and, despite leaving at about 4:40 to “beat the traffic”, it took nearly 50 minutes to get to the trailer (a 7 mile drive). Malcolm thinks he’ll try a different route home tomorrow. There are several manufacturing plants along the road that he is taking to and from work and they were letting out at 5:00, which involves the local police directing traffic.

After dinner, we headed to JoAnn Fabrics and Target to do a little shopping, then back to the trailer for dishes and relaxing.


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