Happy Birthday Val

Current Location: Traders Village RV Park, Houston, Texas

Wednesday was a fairly quiet day. Val spent the day in the trailer working on some sewing projects. Malcolm worked at the office. After work and dinner, we decided to re-organize our basement. Lately, we’ve been smelling the faint smell of sewer from time to time in the trailer. We aren’t sure if it is black tank or grey tank. While we had everything out of the basement, Malcolm removed the wall and looked around underneath. He didn’t find anything amiss.

We put everything back together and put all our stuff back in the basement. The neighbors stopped by to chat a bit and we ended up showing them our trailer. They had recently retired and bought a used fifth wheel to see if the lifestyle was something they were interested in. They had decided it was and plan on looking at new coaches when they get home to Washington state in December. Of course, we recommended Heartland products to them.

Today, Malcolm came home a little early after work. He had found a slightly quicker route home, taking only 25 minutes instead of 40-50. We’ll see if that route holds up or if it was somewhat of a fluke (that and he left a little earlier than usual).

Once home, Malcolm presented Val with her birthday gift and a card. We then got dressed up and went to Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille for an excellent dinner. We had plenty of leftovers, which we’ll put with tomorrow night’s dinner which was, ironically, steaks on the grill.




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