Church and Errands

Current Location: Traders Village RV Park, Houston, Texas

This morning we got up and headed out to attend the morning church service at Christ Church, PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) in Katy, Texas. The drive was about 1/2 hour. We had trouble getting the truck GPS to recognize the address on the street, so we ended up entering the closest intersection. We got there fine and on time. Very friendly folks there. We’ve walked into some churches without much more than a handshake and hello. Not so here. We enjoyed the sermon a lot, as well. We will definitely attend here again if we are in the Houston area.

After lunch, we found that the truck GPS again failed finding the closest Olive Garden restaurant. It did find one that wasn’t necessarily out of the way. I guess the points of interest might need updating. Despite all the knocks Apple has gotten regarding their maps app, at least it found the church and the nearest Olive Garden. Oh well.

Once back from lunch, we changed into more comfortable clothes and decided to head to Camping World to get several items that have been on our list for a while. It’s a shame we didn’t think of it earlier in the day, as it was only a couple miles from the church, but 30-40 minutes from the campground. Oh well. At least the GPS found it and it was open.

When we got back from Camping World, we decided to walk around the Traders Village flea market, since we hadn’t yet since we’ve been here. We walked around for about 15 minutes, but to be honest, it was mostly stuff we didn’t need and fairly junky. Back to the trailer, Malcolm took care of a couple things that we bought at Camping World – installing a new water filter and storing the new extendable window squeegee thing in the back compartment of the trailer.

We headed down to the laundry after that and spent some quality time washing and drying clothes. Once back to the trailer, we fixed dinner – a hearty and delicious bowl of split pea soup from a package dry mix we bought in Indiana at the Amish bulk store this summer. After that, dishes and relaxation.


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