Back in Alabama

Current Location: Creek Travel Plaza, Atmore, Alabama

We packed up and left Houston about 8:00 this morning, headed toward home. We decided to travel as far as we felt like, then stopping for the night.

About a mile out of the campground this morning, Malcolm ran the trailer up over a curb on a right hand turn. Everything looked fine outside at our first stop. When we stopped for lunch and went inside the trailer, we found that the top dresser drawer had opened hard enough that it broke the drawer glide and it wouldn’t stay shut.

Further inspection showed that the trailer rocked enough to have moved our couch out a bit. Remember that we have a light couch from ikea instead of the mammoth metal framed couch that came with the unit. We also found some kitchen supplies on the floor and a door or two opened.

We stopped for dinner near Mobile at a Cracker Barrel. Malcolm locked the truck and happened to look back at the trailer as he did so. When the truck locks, it flashes the lights as if you had put on the brakes. Malcolm noticed that the right trailer tail light did not flash. We pulled around to a truck stop after dinner and verified the bright part of the right taillight was not working.

While Malcolm fueled up the truck, Val went inside with the failed bulb and bought a two pack of bulbs, throwing the old one away on the way back. Putting a new bulb in didn’t change anything. Malcolm started to take the light assembly off to check for a bad connection when he had an idea.

Malcolm walked up to the front of the trailer, unplugged the wiring harness from the truck and plugged it back in firmly. The light started working. We reassembled everything and headed on our way with a new item on our pre-flight checklist – walk around and make sure ALL the lights are working.

In the morning we will probably take advantage of the breakfast special in the diner here at the truck stop then head on up to Wetumpka for a couple days.


2 thoughts on “Back in Alabama

  1. Yep! We had the same thing happen with our lights a few months after we got our Landmark. Some lights worked…..some didn’t. We decided to unhook and rehook the umbilical cord and everything worked again. Ever since then when we do our pull test we also do a light test. For some reason when Michael plugs in the umbilical cord this tends to happen so now I do all the plugging in! LOL

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