Running Around Town

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today was a busy day. First of all, we brought our cat, Callie, back out to the trailer yesterday evening. Our son had indicated that he thought Callie might have fleas, but wasn’t sure. Overnight, she spent quite a bit of time scratching, so we called the vet this morning and they said to bring her in early. We headed into town with the cat and dropped her at the vet around 8:30 or so.

From there, we headed to Petco and picked up cat food, litter and some treats that help calm cats. Hopefully, she’ll ride in the vehicle better with a little calming, though she doesn’t do too bad so far. As we came out of Petco, the vet called and said she had baby fleas on her head, which means there is a nest somewhere (probably the house). He recommended treating the place she will be living before bringing her home.

We stopped by Home Depot and picked up enough flea bombs to do both the house and the trailer. We also picked up a few other things on our list from there. After Home Depot, we went across the street and grabbed some Starbucks. Then, back to the trailer to set off the flea bombs. They recommended two hours away and two hours airing the place out.

We turned off the refrigerator and turned off the LP gas. Malcolm needed to fill a tank, anyway, so that worked out well. He pulled the nearly empty tank and tossed it in the truck. He started the bombs and closed up. We headed to the bank to deposit a check, stopped by Zaxby’s for lunch, filled the LP tank at the feed place, picked up a prescription at Walgreens and Malcolm washed the truck at the self-serve wash place. We dropped by the post office to pick up a couple boxes and headed back to the trailer to air it out.

Once it was all opened up, the freshly filled LP tank back in place, the refrigerator and gas turned back on, we headed to the house to drop some stuff off and pick up any recent mail. We filled the truck with fuel and then headed back to town to pick up the cat. She rode back to the trailer quiet for nearly the whole trip. Hopefully, that is a good sign of things to come.

Once back at the trailer, we closed back up and started fixing Skyline Chili for dinner. David came out and shared dinner with us. We sent him back with a few things, did dishes and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Callie helping Malcolm organize the files.

Callie helping Malcolm organize the files.


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