One More Day of Errands

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We would like to start this blog post out by letting our readers know about another full-timing RV family that needs some help. Click here to go to their Go Fund Me page to help them out if you can. We did. As of this writing, they are already pretty close to their goal, but I’m sure being a little over the goal wouldn’t hurt either.

Today was more errands. Not as many as yesterday, but we got everything accomplished that we wanted to. First, a trip to the house. Malcolm put some more caulk around the frame of one of the new doors we recently had installed. David had noted that the first good rain after the new doors were in, there was water seeping inside. We’ll see if this helps the issue.

While Malcolm sealed up the door, David and Val prepared the house for its flea bombing. They set those off and we all three headed up to Prattville. We stopped by our friends, the Miltons’, house and dropped off some cherries we’ve had in our freezer for them since we left Washington state. Then we headed to the salon for Val’s haircut. Elizabeth and the grandbabies called via Facetime while we were there and talked to everyone.

After the haircut, we stopped by Firehouse Subs for lunch, then headed back to the house to open up all the windows. With the house airing out, we went into town and did laundry and stopped by Hobby Lobby for a couple craft projects, then headed back to the house to drop David off.

Back at the trailer, we unloaded the truck and Malcolm took care of a few little things outside. While unloading the truck, Malcolm found David’s jacket with his car key in it (the only one we have). Fortunately, David and his roommate were coming out to the trailer for dinner, so his roommate drove. We had leftover red beans and rice (from our visit with Nick and Sheila in Louisiana). David and his roommate left and Val and I did dishes and put away the laundry.

Tomorrow morning we pull out to head to Decatur, Alabama for our Heartland Owners Club regional rally.


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