Current Location: Point Mallard Park Campground, Decatur, Alabama

It is definitely fall now. The temperature was in the 40’s this morning. We had the furnace on all night and an extra blanket on the bed. Even had to dig out some warmer jackets from underneath the trailer this morning.

After a lazy morning, we decided to tackle a project today. Val had been drawing up design ideas for a PVC structure to hold a couple of our flags and our name sign. With a couple of suggestions by Malcolm, we had a game plan. So, it was off to Lowes to buy some PVC and glue. We also stopped by Five Guys for lunch and Target for something Val wanted to pick up.

Here is the finished project:

Spiffy Flag Pole Thingy

Spiffy Flag Pole Thingy

The flag on the left was pinned on for the picture. Val has since sewn a piece of fabric on the back to make a larger pocket so the flag will slide over the pole. The caps on the ends of the horizontal pieces of the flag poles are just pressed on. That way we can take them off to slide the flag off. Also, the two flag poles screw into the base, so the whole assembly can be broken down flat. Malcolm drilled a couple holes in the center section to push our name sign into.

This afternoon, we had a small meet and greet gathering outside Hogan and Donna Cooper’s trailer. We all discussed dinner plans. A few couples headed to one Chinese buffet restaurant. We headed to a sit down Chinese place with Nathan and Byrd Mathis and Wayne and Nita Cooper. It was some pretty good food and we all had leftovers to bring home.

Malcolm got a call from work today checking to see if he can come up to work in the Nashville office soon and bring up some test equipment from the Alabama office. So, we’ll be heading up there November 11th for two weeks.


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