Last Day of Rally

Current Location: Point Mallard Park Campground, Decatur, Alabama

This morning was very cool outside. We really took our time crawling out of bed, especially Malcolm. Once moving, Malcolm cleaned up the grill and got out the Coleman stove and griddle top. Today’s pitch-in dinner was hamburgers and hot dogs and Malcolm was asked to grill the hamburgers.

Due to afternoon and evening football games, the cool weather and the fact that our meeting place was an outdoor pavilion, we decided to do the pitch-in meal as lunch instead of supper, at 1:30 PM. Malcolm fired up the grills at the appointed time and started cooking the burgers. At 1:30, we all met at the pavilion and had a great meal. It was fairly simple – burgers and dogs, chips, cole slaw and a couple other pitch-ins and way too many desserts.

After lunch, we did clean-up and watched part of the Alabama-Tennessee football game. There were obviously a lot of Alabama fans in the park watching the game outside as the whole park seemed to hoot and holler whenever an Alabama touchdown was made (and there were plenty).

We decided to do the majority of our pack up this afternoon instead of in the morning when it would be much cooler. The only thing remaining outside is the 50 Amp electrical cable. We put some water in the tank and stored the hose, closed off the grey tank and put the sewer hoses away, stored the bikes, etc. Malcolm even prepped the truck getting it ready to hitch up. Leaving tomorrow should be a fairly simple affair.

Dinner was snacky stuff, and leftover Chinese food. We ended up being home bodies this evening and stayed in the trailer. Malcolm was worn out and took an evening nap. He’s writing this blog entry now and will probably catch a second wind and be up late tonight. His allergies have been bugging him since right before we left home. Claritan is covering it part way, but we’re still going through a lot of tissues.

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to Kentucky for the funeral service for Val’s cousin on Tuesday.


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