Kentucky for a Couple Days

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

Today Val said goodbyes to several of the rally attendees that were pulling out early in the morning. We got ourselves dressed, fixed coffee and finished unhooking our trailer and got ready to hitch up. Wayne and Nita Cooper came out to say goodbye and we chatted for a bit. Malcolm noticed a small corner of the coroplast coming loose under the front of the trailer, so he and Wayne taped it up with Gorilla tape.

We said our final goodbyes, hooked up the truck and headed out. We drove north on I-65 to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, then east on the Bluegrass Parkway to Lexington. We pulled into the Kentucky Horse Park campground around 4:00 PM and did a quick check-in since Malcolm had pre-paid our site online a few days ago.

Callie rode pretty well. She meowed off and on for the first half hour or so, then settled down for the rest of the trip. She seems to be getting used to the travel part.

We got set up in our spot, but the water hookup decided to be a pain. First, the “Y” connector that Malcolm usually puts on decided to spray water out of the swivel part. Despite all efforts to get it to seal, it refused. Malcolm then removed the “Y” and screwed the regulator onto the spigot. The adjustable portion of the regulator decided to spray water out, so Malcolm removed it and removed the quick disconnect from the hose and just screwed it onto the spigot.

Since the water pressure seems to be fairly high, we just cracked the spigot open a bit to regulate the flow somewhat. After all that, we decided to go out to eat dinner (Malcolm’s idea). After dinner out, we stopped by a WalMart and picked up one of the cheap water regulators so we would at least have something on there. Once back at the campground, Malcolm installed that and the hose decided it wanted to spray water out around the fitting. After a little more tightening with tools, Malcolm now has it down to a slow drip.

We are here for a memorial service on Tuesday evening for one of Val’s cousins that passed away a couple days ago. Wednesday, we have to head on back home so Malcolm can get back to work on Thursday.


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