Wandering Around

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

This morning we got going slowly and finally got in the truck mid-morning and headed out. We were trying to determine if we would be able to meet our friend Gregg for lunch, as he had to wait on the HVAC people to get in touch with him on fixing his unit. While we waited for a call-back, we drove up to Jett, which is right outside Frankfort, so that we could find some of Val’s family’s graves. We had a map this time (third time looking for them) and found them.

Scenic Old Frankfort Pike

Scenic Old Frankfort Pike

Once we left there, we decided to take the scenic Old Frankfort Pike back to Lexington. Part way there, the road was closed for repairs, so we diverted onto some scenic side roads and ended up in Versailles. Since we were close to town, we decided to drive to the cemetery there so that Val could find the grave of her father’s sister. We found that one, as well.

Horses running across a field

Horses running across a field

Once we got to Lexington, we tried to go to Joe Bologna’s for some pizza, but they are closed on Mondays. So, we drove on down the street to Smashburger and had sandwiches there. Once done there, we drove to Joseph Beth Booksellers and bought some Christmas gifts for the grandchildren. We also drove across the street to the Fayette Mall and walked around there for a bit. Malcolm bought a UK sticker for the back window of the new truck.

After all that driving, walking and shopping, we headed back to the trailer to finish fixing dinner – bean and split pea soup. On the way out of town, we passed Mary Todd Lincoln’s childhood home and grabbed a quick snapshot.

Mary Todd Lincoln's home

Mary Todd Lincoln’s home

While dinner was finishing up in the crockpot, we ran over to Lowe’s and bought a couple boards to use for shelving in the lower part of the cabinet we recently outfitted with new rails and clips. Malcolm had them cut the boards down to size at Lowes to save having to do it less precisely with his saw. Here is the final result.

New shelves

New shelves

This brings greater organization to Malcolm’s camera and computer equipment. Previously, everything was just piled up in that space, with no organization. We were often greeted with a mini-avalanche when opening the door after a trip. We will probably stain the boards at some point, probably after we get home. For now, they do the job well.

After dinner, we washed dishes and tidied up a bit, then headed over to Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt. It was yummy. Back at the trailer, we Skyped with our daughter Elizabeth and her youngest, Scarlet. Daddy and Violet were out running around since it was a nice day.

Malcolm ended up doing some work after the Skype call, partially because he would normally have been home working starting today and a couple projects were depending on his input. It never hurts having a few extra hours of pay.



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