Last Day in Kentucky

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

Today is our last full day here in Kentucky. We got moving really slow this morning, and just as well, as it was foggy until late in the morning. Our friend Gregg called and said he would meet us for lunch in Lexington, so we got underway and were in the area by 11:30.

Malcolm dropped Val off at the yarn shop nearby and parked the truck. We headed to the restaurant and met Gregg there for lunch. After lunch, we stopped by his place and visited for a few minutes. He is in the process of packing up to move to New York in a couple weeks. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the trailer.

This afternoon, we headed across to Paris, Kentucky for the visitation and memorial service for Val’s cousin. The ladies at the church had fixed dinner, so most of us headed back to eat after the service. We visited with family, showed off pictures of the grandchildren and caught up with folks. After dinner, we headed out and stopped to fill up the truck with fuel on the way back to the campground.

We’ll be pulling out to head home in the morning. Tomorrow’s trip is around 500 miles, which we will do in one day, so it will be a long one.


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