Back Home for a While

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We tried to get an early start this morning in Kentucky, but it gets light rather late in the morning. Plus, it was raining, which always makes hooking up rather unenjoyable. We got hooked up and pulled out around 8:30 AM.

The rain lasted until southern Kentucky. We stopped at the Tennessee welcome center on I-75. Our son called us on the phone as we were getting back into the truck, so we stayed parked until the call was over, since we had little signal. While we were talking, a state trooper was slowly escorting vehicles up the interstate in the southbound direction (where we were headed).

It turned out that they are doing road construction up on the hills south of Jellico, Tennessee and they were diverting traffic around on US 25W. It was a pretty drive, though somewhat slow. The locals seemed to be interested in all the various vehicles (we were following a couple of Class A motorhomes) traveling down the “holler”. The detour added about 45 minutes or so to our trip.

We were curious how Callie would do today, as we had a 500 mile drive ahead of us. She did rather well. We let her out a couple times to explore around the interior (once at lunch while stopped and the other time about 1/2 way home along the road). She did really well. We get a kick out of the fact that she will burrow under the cushion we bought for her carrier and curl up underneath it.

We rolled into Fort Toulouse right at dark – about 6:00 PM. We set up in a different site this time. After hearing about others fighting swarms of ladybugs, and given the problem we had with them last year, we selected a site that stays shady all day and through the sunset. We’re hoping our shaded trailer will not be so much a magnet for them this year. As we rolled into the campground, our friend Nathan indicated that they haven’t swarmed here yet.

Malcolm is back to work tomorrow. We’ll be here for a little less than two weeks.



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