Work and Errands

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Yesterday, Malcolm ended up having to jump start the older truck after it sat for a couple weeks. He had noticed back in August that it seemed to be starting a little slower. He thought maybe the batteries were dying (they’re just over 2 years old).

Once he got it started, he drove it to Auto Zone, which is where the batteries came from and they tested out fine. They also restarted the truck fine. Only thing we can figure is that there are enough small items in the truck with a constant current draw to drain the batteries over time. We’ll try disconnecting a few things next time we’re away to see if that helps. Eventually it won’t be an issue once we sell the truck.

Val and David ran a couple errands and did some shopping yesterday. Today, they did groceries and Val did laundry. Malcolm mainly worked. This evening, we had one of the vendors from the upcoming Frontier Days over for dinner. He used to travel with his wife to various events, but she isn’t well enough to travel, so he’s here by himself. He was grateful for the company and the food.

Malcolm and his co-workers packed up the equipment that we’ll be taking to Nashville for work in a little over a week. Malcolm measured the four large boxes and measured the basement of the trailer. We think the best bet is to load the boxes up in the bedroom and the basement. We’ll probably head over there a week from Monday already hitched up to the trailer and get Malcolm’s co-workers to help load the boxes in the trailer.

This weekend has plenty of things on the to-do list to get done. Some at the house and some at the trailer. Should keep us fairly busy.


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