Catch-Up Post

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Just realized we haven’t posted in three days, so we’ll do a quick catch-up.

Sunday, we picked up David and went to church. After church, we ate lunch at Mellow Mushroom, then stopped by the trailer to change clothes, then headed to the house to drop David off. While there, Malcolm caulked up the garage door trim he hung on Saturday. Looks great and ready to paint.

Once back to the campground Sunday afternoon, Malcolm made the three trips to the dump station (two grays, one black) with the honey wagon and our friend Nathan’s golf cart. We sat around and chatted with folks for a bit before realizing we hadn’t had dinner. So, it was back to the trailer to eat dinner and relax.

Monday, Malcolm headed back to work. Val and David took care of errands. We started getting a lot of vendors and re-enacters in the campground for Frontier Days. Malcolm took our internet device to AT&T since it has been acting flaky lately. They looked it up and it is about 2 weeks out of warranty. They recommended we call tech support, as they might be lenient on the warranty expiration. Malcolm never found out, as he was on hold so long. We decided to live with the unit’s irregularities.

David came over in the evening and we went to the local Chinese buffet for dinner since dinner wasn’t started in time. It turned out to be a bad decision for Malcolm, who got some mild food poisoning and spent most of Monday night and early Tuesday morning feeling terrible. He was better by morning, though.

Today, Val and David treated the house for fleas (again). This time, they took all of David’s laundry to the laundromat while the flea bombs went off. They stopped by to air it out and then to close it up. David is staying at the trailer with us through Saturday so he can be here to help volunteer for Frontier Days. Malcolm will be helping starting on Thursday, as he needed to work on Wednesday.


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