More Frontier Days

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We are still here and volunteering at Frontier Days. On Friday, all three of us (Malcolm, Val and our son David) were performing parking duties pretty much all day.

This morning, we all three headed up to the vendor area and ate breakfast (like we have the last two days, as well) at our friend Doyle’s food tent. Today, Val helped Doyle with his food since Doyle’s wife couldn’t travel with him this year.

Meanwhile, David and Malcolm headed to the house and loaded the truck up with the old doors and trim from our recent home renovations. After David showered up and dressed for an Air Force function he was going to attend later in the day, he and Malcolm drove up to where the county cleanup garbage truck was parked. They had a short wait before unloading the truck. Malcolm dropped David back off at the house.

Malcolm headed over to Montgomery and got a haircut, then headed back up to Wetumpka and did a little grocery shopping. He dropped the groceries off at the trailer, ate a quick lunch and headed over to volunteer with parking and traffic control the rest of the afternoon. Once done, he walked over and found Val. We both stopped by and visited a couple vendors then headed to the fort. Val had heard that they were planning a night-time cannon shot for someone who was going to be filming it.

We dropped by the trailer to get some different (or in Malcolm’s case, additional) clothing on, grabbed the camera and tripod and headed back to the fort. Malcolm got one good picture, below:



After the cannon shot, we went out to eat at Casa Napoli, then back to the trailer to relax. A lot of the folks in the campground were doing a pitch-in dinner and sitting around at TV to watch the Alabama/LSU game. (There are also several LSU fans somewhere in the campground watching, as well).

Tomorrow we have one more day of volunteer duties here. Val will be back at Doyle’s food tent helping out and Malcolm will most likely be on traffic/parking duty. We’ll be packing up the trailer in the evening and will be pulling out Monday morning.


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